And with 2015, a new adventure awaits..... / by Tori Reed

Leaving, it seems, is what I do. I am down to the final days in Wellington and my time here has been a whirl wind.  So many wonderful people, an inspiring community that isn't afraid of the strange and unusual, every other person is an accomplished musician; these attributes are pretty special.  I have enjoyed you immensely Wellywood, however, my gypsy feet have been itching for a little too long, and there's only so long one can ignore such things.

At times, my wandering spirit does seem somewhat self defeating.  I have never stayed in one place long enough to become a fixture in the wood work.  I've had more than my fair share of frivolous fun, and I thought that with the years steadily passing, I would have sated that part of me.  It seems, some things will not change.  I am eager for a new adventure, some new creativity and some more time in the wild. 

Where these thoughts will lead me, I do not yet know.  I have whimsical fantasies of going to India and finally buying that Royal Enfield and riding to Thailand.  There is talk of an artist in residence in Hawaii. A canoeing trip down the Colarado River? A month long hike in Spain? Moving to San Francisco and discovering Amurica (oh how I love thee and taking the mick out of your accent).

Thank you to all the beautiful people I had the pleasure of making your acquaintance.  Every one of you is dear to me.  And, it is never good bye, just see you next time! :)