/ by Tori Reed

For those of you who don't know, I was recently denied a place in a festival called WoW in Norfolk England ( ww.wow-arts.co.uk/)  The reason given was that I have been to Israel and they wished to "follow the cultural boycott of Israel and... not employ acts who have played there or are from their." (sic)

I would like to ensure that my position on the matter is very clear as this is the kind of issue that unfortunately polarises people,

I believe in equality.  For anyone and everyone.  I believe in treating others as I wish to be treated.  I believe in taking people on face value and judging them on their actions towards me rather than stereotyping and racially profiling.  

I understand and respect the right of others to hold their own opinion and to demonstrate it.  I respect an individuals right to express their opinion, but in doing so, I feel this should not come at the cost of hurting another.

I do no believe in tarring every person with the same brush

I do not believe in condemning someone solely based on their religion, country of birth, or place they have travelled.

My endeavour in life is to meet and experience as many people and cultures that I can to educate myself and to demonstrate to myself that we are all human.  We are unfortunately sometimes embroiled in our political leaders muck.  However, I hold strong that we, as a majority, are good people and deserve the time, ears and hearts of our fellow humans to listen and try to put aside our prejudices to accept each other as people.

In the aftermath of my post on Facebook and my story having been covered on YNET ("ביקרת בישראל? לא תופיעי בפסטיבל" for those of you who would like to read it)  I was met with so many amazing responses from many caring people all over the globe.  People with the whole gamut of political ideals.  I cannot express how much I appreciate every kind word every person has said, whether it be in encouragement to stand up against this or to move on with my life and not let this get me down.  You are all beautiful, wonderful, kind individuals and here's to hoping we can play music all together some day soon!