Born in New Zealand, raised in Australia, and having done a lot of travel, Tori has difficulty naming one place home.  This affinity with being on the road has manifested itself in many songs and undoubtedly, being a wandering spirit, will do in many more.

The second album, "The Snug Sessions is now available.  Due for a formal launch in late 2017, you can pre purchase it on the merchandise page. Look for the two album deal of the first and second album.

Through extensive travelling, her experience is wide and crosses many genres and she has had the fortune to entertain and share stories with musicians and audiences from all over the world.  From local Antipodean gigs, to far flung performances in Israel.  From tiny peña's in Argentina to large stages at charity events in Tasmania.

With her unique style and endearing arrangements, Tori is well suited to intimate crowds and caring environments.  Every song is aimed at touching the hearts and minds of those listening.  Performing as a solo artist, duo, trio or full band, the options are all there for all types of venues, and various types of crowds.