Tori and her band of Troubadours mix a quirky blend of genres to give something that is utterly unique, genuine and heartfelt.  Tori's music goes from finger picking folk, through to jazz influenced beats, a dusting of country and vocals that could be soul.  It's music that will touch hearts, get toes tapping and leave you wanting more.

Born in New Zealand, raised in Australia, and having done a lot of travel, Tori has difficulty naming one place home.  This affinity with being on the road has manifested itself in many songs and undoubtedly, being a wandering spirit, will do in many more.

The third album, "Same Page, Different Book", is coming your way!!  We are in the throes of recording as you read, keep an eye on the march page for it's release in late Novemeber.

Tori has performed alongside the likes of folk great Martin Carthy, blues master Lloyd Spiegel and folk artist Tecoma, plus many more. From local Antipodean gigs, to far flung performances in Israel; tiny peña's in Argentina to large stages at charity events in Tasmania; big stages, small pubs, Tori has had the fortune to entertain and share stories with musicians and audiences from all over the world.  

With her unique style and endearing arrangements, Tori is well suited to intimate crowds and caring environments.  Every song is aimed at touching the hearts and minds of those listening.  Performing as a solo artist, duo, trio or full band, the options are all there for all types of venues, and various types of crowds.


Reviews and Testimonials: 

" Tori is an independent spirit in all senses of the word. She and her band have made a fine album but it has taken three years to bring it to market and that’s too long. Go along to one of her gigs and support her music, you won’t be disappointed.  (read the full review here)"
Dai Jeffries -

" glad I was given the opportunity to sit down and listen to what I consider to be a very talented and experimental artist with a great work of music.  (read the full review here)." -  review by Ria Loveder of

"...These nine songs are both personal and political. With lyrics highlighting some of the highs and lows of her life,  and the songs are beautifully honest." - Paul Inger, The Recording Room

"... with moving melodies and heartfelt lyrics, Tori's songs will not only get your body swaying, they will touch your heart.... Tori Reed is definitely a rising talent in New Zealand." - Organic River Festival

"..... every now and then someone turns up with that “spark”, that little something extra that makes you want to know them better, listen to more, etc.  Tori was one of those artists.  Her songs speak of a deep understanding of life’s pitfalls and triumphs, pickled with a mischievous sense of humour.   She is a compelling singer with a nuance that will stick with you for a long time.  This is an artist to contend with."  - Margaret O’Hanlon, Producer/Director





I'm taking a break to write some more material. We will be back soon so stay in touch!

No No gypsy jazz

From the 2018 album ‘Same Page, Different Book’


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